U21 Torcida Boys

The Ultimate Soccer Odyssey

In the heart of Vancouver, playing in the VMSL, get ready to witness our U21 boys team embark on an ultimate journey.

Physical Focus: Each training session is a powerhouse workout. Our target is to strengthen muscles and cardio health and develop a physical foundation like no other.

Mental Focus: Developing mental resilience is crucial in soccer. We train our players to stay composed when under pressure. Because failures are part of the game, we teach them to learn from their mistakes and spring back stronger than ever.

Teamwork: Teamwork translates into many things...Yes, it's about passing the ball but it’s also about communicating, problem-solving and leadership.

Discipline: Mastering the art of discipline is our key ingredient. Following the game plan and staying focused is the difference between a win or a loss.

Confidence: Walking onto the field with our heads held high, ready to conquer whatever is thrown our way. Believing!