U10 Torcida Boys

Exploring the Adventure

Team Goals

Coming Soon...Our goal is to shape our U10 Torcida Boys  into resilient individuals that will transform them into confident players .

Control and Mastery: We train them to fine-tune their ball control and make every touch and every control a chance to master the art of soccer.

Passing: Passing precision is a soccer cornerstone. Our focus is connecting the ball with their teammates, while maintaining the game’s rhythm.

Goal-Oriented Shooting: They learn to aim with accuracy and power, creating victorious moments.

Dribbling: Dribbling is movement like none other. We put great emphasis on this skill because it allows them to navigate the field, escape defenders and create openings.

Field Vision: Perception is part of soccer intelligence. We teach them to read the field, make quick decisions and execute plays.

Decision Making: Our players develop the skill and learn the importance of making quick and accurate decisions.

Unity: Our Players learn to collaborate and support one another. They celebrate success as a unified team.