Damir Erlic

Head Coach

Coach Damir is the heart and soul of Vancouver Euro Soccer Academy.  His passion for the game is deeply rooted with an elite European pedigree. He ignites passion and excellence with every touch of the ball.  His soccer journey began at an early age.  Croatian born, he moved to Munich Germany at a young age and perfected his skill and game by training with the elite, like FC Bayern Munich Youth Academy and SpVgg Unterhaching (In Germany’s competitive 3rd soccer division.) Coach Damir’s love for the game is ingrained into his very soul.

His soccer timeline is incomparable.  He earned his UEFA B soccer license in Munich.  From there, he ventured into professional coaching for both junior and senior players in Germany.  He used his expertise to elevate their full potential.  Now in the land of maple leaves, Coach Damir has made an impact on many young athletes.  His European coaching style is instantly visible on the field, which sets him apart from other coaches.  

His approach is simple but yet powerful.  He is a strong believer that children can achieve greatness. He believes they do not lack capacity, but rather good coaches.  Through his guidance, he helps players develop their soccer abilities and learn the value of teamwork, perseverance, resilience and grit. 

Coach Damir brings out the best in every player and through his charisma and relatability, he  develops a strong bond with them.  Under his wing, players will embrace the true spirit of soccer.  

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